Break your alabaster box.... Give all - and ever.

The gospel story of St. Mary Magdalen was a favorite of Mother Aloysius (foundress of this monastery). The saint anointed the feet of Jesus, not by pouring out a few drops of her costly spikenard, but by breaking her alabaster box—for He must have all of it and at once. Her gesture of love that could hold nothing back seemed to Mother a fitting symbol for the love a Carmelite should have, and for the totality of self-giving that Carmel demands. “Break your alabaster box…. Give all—and ever.

Fragrance from Alabaster, a collection of sayings and notes given by Mother Aloysius, is available in English (3.50) and French (3.00) plus a minimal charge for postage.  Bulk quantities and pricing is also available.  Please contact us via the button below or write us at